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Installation Questions

What You Need to Know

How do your installations work?

We use a vibratory plow which is 3/4" wide to install the service line from our distribution points at a depth of about 12", to individual homes. This is a fiber optic cable, and terminates on the side of your phone in a box very similar to the Verizon box you may have outside your home currently. From this point, the fiber connects to our equipment, and then an Ethernet cable goes into your house to connect to your router.

What if you need to cross my driveway?

On the occasions where need to cross a driveway, we have an additional fee if you require that we bore under the driveway, instead of plowing through it (especially if it tarmac)We will always work with you to find the best route possible, and avoid as much damage as is possible, but ultimately a cable needs to get from our distribution point, to your home somehow.

Do you provide me with a WiFi Router?

Our standard installation does NOT include a wireless router. Every home has different needs, and we strongly recommend using a Mesh Based Wifi System, such as Netgear's Orbi.

They a little pricey, but they offer great coverage. Remember the further you are from your wireless router the poorer the signal is, so have a great Mesh Based Wifi in your home will allow your to benefit from your fiber internet connection the most.

Will you run my connection to anywhere in my home?

Our standard installation fee will typically include running your connection to a similar entry point to the rest of your utilities.

We will work with homeowners, and any specialist installation requirements will be recommended and quoted prior to commencement

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